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Wood Glazer has a dedicated in-house team for various types of polishing and painting services that you
may need for your wooden accessories or furniture in your house. We have a wide variety of services
categorised in different types for each type of wooden service that you may need or require in your
house/office. Be it a coat of protective paint for your exterior wooden fencing needs or a touch of glossy
painting that makes your interior of the house look ravishing, we have all kinds of polishes and paints
ranging between PU High Gloss paint, Duco Paint, Acrylic paint, PU Matt Paint and many more. For
detailed information about PU Painting Services and their types keep reading.

PU as in “PU Paint” stands for “Polyurethane”, which is a type of material that is a tough, strong and stretchable type of polymer. In this type of paint, a layer of PU paint is applied to the material or an object which acts as a protective layering. The PU paint when applied on any type of wooden surface, makes it look glossy, it gives it a premium and luxurious feel with total protection of the material from any type of harsh affecting conditions.

The PU coating is resistant to high heat or harsh temperature, it is excellent in terms of toughness, it has a clear depth of clarity, and the main and most important trait of this paint is that it is corrosion-resistant. The PU coating protects the furniture especially from moisture, scratches, dust, water, UV rays and the elements and gives the wooden furniture an aesthetic and premium feel and appearance. PU coating is one of the best choices to give the furniture a luxurious finish as well as protect it from scratches and stains at the same time. The PU paint lasts up to 15 years with good maintenance and care. So, it surely is a long term investment and it will take care of your house exterior for a long time.

The PU painting coating is transparent in looks. The base material or surface of the product is also visible. If you want to spice up your exterior wooden material with a different colour tone or a matt finish then you can choose between PU paint Matt and PU paint Gloss. It works well on wooden surfaces both indoors and outdoors. 

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Now, if you want your furniture to looking gorgeous or even more beautiful than before by giving your wooden materials a ravishing makeover using any of the above-mentioned Melamine Wood Polishing services then contact Wood Glazer right now. We aim to provide the best experience to our clients by working hard In the field of wood carpentry and interior wooden maintenance services and we are giving our top-notch performance to our customers who hire us to make their wooden world even more beautiful and maintain its significance.

We, at Wood Glazer always make sure that our customers get the best from us which they expect too while having benefits like affordable prices, skilled workers, top-quality service, flexible time frame according to the customer with the best support staff is available 24×7 for our customers so that they can solve their doubts related to any of the polishing or any other services that we provide or book an appointment with us. You can call us whenever you have time and book your appointment with us according to your availability of time and we will send our professionals to your given address at the time of the appointment booked by you and they surely will brighten up your house by giving it the best polishing service as the wood polishing services are one of our many specialities. 

We have all types of professional general carpenters and interior workers who excel in their specific work or fields and have a lot of experience in working in their field who always aim to provide you with the top-notch service by doing their work accurately without any mistakes. Our excellent skilled professionals are equipped with new generation top-notch equipment and gadgets which removes even the slightest possibility of making any mistake or error while polishing your wooden furniture. So, this way they can do the task effortlessly and complete the work for which they are hired. So you can trust us and rely on us.

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