We offer outstanding residential and commercial craft and polishing services at exceptional prices. We handle small, medium, and large-sized craft and polishing projects, with work performed by experienced, fully-trained carpenters.

We understand the craft and polishing processes thoroughly and know what it takes to complete a project properly, within budget, and on time. Let us put our experience and expertise to work for you.

You can simply fill the “free visit & inspection” form on the website to book the craft and polishing services or contact directly by call/ WhatsApp/ email on the details available on the website in the contact us section.

The team at Wood Glazer is quick to respond and work as soon as the order is placed. The consultation services are available throughout the week during working hours.

We use branded products only for craft and polishing. As there are multiple brands are available in the market, we also offer our clients to choose the brand according to their preference. We at Wood Glazer use the latest techniques and equipment to deliver high-quality results for our customers.

We specialize in high-volume spray polishing of high-performance coatings. Spray painting offers the ultimate speed, efficiency, and coverage quality, especially in corners and difficult access situations. Conventional brush and roller techniques are utilized when they are preferable and/or more efficient.

We have a distinguished team of experienced professionals who try to understand the user’s needs genuinely. The skilled craft and polishing professionals at Wood Glazer try their best to provide services to the customer that are personalized according to the customer's needs and interiors.

The selection of product brands is open to customers, though we provide necessary assistance in the choice of materials. The colors will be chosen according to the interiors that best suit them.

The price of the services depends on the type of work you require. That will be discussed with you over our visit to your space. Yes, our prices are negotiable. Instead of discounts, we understand the work and negotiate accordingly.

The skilled professionals will cover all your furniture and interiors before crafting and polishing to avoid any stains on the interiors. After the craft and polishing are complete the interiors will be cleaned leaving no stains and a beautiful home. The team would also help you to shift the furniture before and after the craft and polishing services.

We keep an open line of communication with you before, during, and after your project. Throughout your craft and polishing project, a dedicated site manager will always be there to answer your queries. You can also contact us directly to address your concerns or answer any questions you may have whatsoever.

Yes, if you have any changes that you would like to make or additional work which you would like to have completed, please feel free to speak to our site manager. In most cases, it is more cost effective for customers. We are always happy to accommodate your requests!